Expertise: health, economic history, labor, development

Vellore Arthi is a health economist and economic historian who studies how early-life experiences impact later-life outcomes such as labor market success, health, and well-being. She also focuses on migration and public health, looking at how a better understanding of migration patterns can give us insight into the broader health effects of economic shocks.

Her research has been supported by the British Academy, the Royal Economic Society, and the Economic History Association, and published in peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Economic History, the Journal of Development Economics, the Review of Economics of the Household, and Explorations in Economic History.

Arthi received her Ph.D. at the University of Oxford, and her move to UC Irvine comes on the heels of two years as a member of the University of Essex faculty. She’ll be teaching courses on development and environmental economics at the undergraduate and graduate levels at UCI.

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