We are not your standard school. Like Peter, our beloved Anteater mascot, we’re quirky and different. And we aren’t afraid to break the mold in order to adapt to our increasingly interconnected world. Below, meet our leadership team that helps make it all happen here in social sciences. Or you can check out our org chart for a visual rundown on all things soc sci.

Note: All undergraduate enrollment matters are handled by the Social Sciences Undergraduate Student Affairs Office. This includes dean’s authorization, signature and/or enrollment issues. Please direct these inquiries to socsci@uci.edu or call 949.824.6803 or visit SBSG 1201.

Bill Maurer
 wmmaurer@uci.edu |  949.824.6802
Executive Assistant: Gianna Virgilio
 gianna@uci.edu |  949.824.6802

Dave Leinen
Assistant Dean
 dleinen@uci.edu |  949.824.5446
Executive Assistant: Gianna Virgilio
 gianna@uci.edu |  949.824.6802

Michael McBride
Associate Dean
Research & Graduate Studies

 mcbride@uci.edu |  949.824.7147

Jeanett Castellanos
Associate Dean
Undergraduate Studies

 castellj@uci.edu |  949.824.9010

Belinda Robnett
Associate Dean
Faculty Development and Diversity

 equity@socsci.uci.edu |  949.824.7667 | www.equity.socsci.uci.edu

Executive Committee

Evan Schofer, Sociology | Chair
Graeme Boushey, Political Science | Vice Chair
Nina Bandelj, Sociology
Sherine Hamdy, Sociolgy

Brian Jenkins, Economics
Sylvia Nam, Anthropolgoy
Kristin Turney, Sociology

Administrative Offices

Business Office
 SSPA 5129

 SBSG 5406

Computing Services
 SSPB 1288

Dean's Office
 SBSG 5218

Development Office
 SBSG 5412

 SSPA 1185

Graduate Studies
 SST 323

Personnel/HR Office
 SBSG 5210

Undergraduate Student Affairs
 SBSG 1201


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