In the vast field of mainstream stories on China, there lies untold tales of country, culture, and characters that'd inspire discussion over settling on a singular definition. This belief guides the Long Institute's pursuit of presenting China's challenges and opportunities through myriad initiatives and events like an interdisciplinary colloquium on justice. 

It aligns well with the China Channel, a Los Angeles Review of Books affiliated channel, which recently launched. The Long Institute is therefore proud and pleased to support the China Channel and its team, alongside the Henry Luce Foundation. The new channel will feature essays, book reviews, and thoughtful snapshots of the mercurial in China. As expressed by Jeffrey Wasserstrom, one of China Channel's academic editors, "we hope to fill that white space – slowly painting a more complete picture of China that brings to life Chinese culture, society and history in all its addictive complexity."

-- Christine Chiao 

More on the China Channel Team

Alec Ash – Managing Editor 
Anne Henochowicz – Commissioning Editor 
Nick Stember – Commissioning Editor 
Eileen Cheng-yin Chow – Academic Editor 
Jeffrey Wasserstrom – Academic Editor 
Mengfei Chen, Maura Cunningham, and Jason Y Ng – Advising Editors 
Olivia Humphrey – Assistant Editor 


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