Fifth year LPS student Hannah Rubin recently spoke at the 2015 Buffalo Annual Experimental Philosophy Conference, hosted by the State University of New York Buffalo campus.  Experimental philosophy is an emerging sub-discipline wherein philosophers use experimental methods from the social, cognitive, and behavioral sciences to study questions of philosophical interest; Rubin is an active member of UC Irvine's experimental philosophy group, which works with the Experimental Social Science Laboratory.  Rubin's talk was entitled "Is Communication Possible Without the Cooperative Principle?"  In it she presented new experimental work showing that communication may be possible even in situations where individuals do not have co-aligned interests, and thus may not want to transfer information.  The talk was based on joint work with Justin Bruner, a recent LPS alumnus who is now a post-doctoral researcher at Australian National University, and LPS faculty members Simon Huttegger and Cailin O'Connor; O'Connor also contributed to the talk.


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