Marion Aouad

Marion Aouad, UCI economics assistant professor, has been named a faculty research fellow of the National Bureau of Economic Research. Appointed via recommendation from leading scholars in NBER’s programs in the economics of health and economics of aging, Aouad is one of 71 recently named affiliates who collectively represent 41 colleges and universities, with 11 coming from a University of California campus.

Aouad specializes in health economics, labor economics, and economic demography. Her work aims to understand and analyze factors – including price, individual and family circumstance, and federal and state policies – that influence consumers' decisions for health care consumption, and the consequences of those decisions. She also studies how health insurance reforms affect the supply and demand-side of health care markets.

Her work, funded by the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Aging, and Veterans Affairs Health Services Research and Development, has been published in the Journal of Health Economics, among other journals.

Aouad earned her bachelor’s degree in economics at Princeton University and her Ph.D. in economics at UC Berkeley. She was also a postdoctoral research fellow at Stanford University School of Medicine before joining the UCI faculty in fall 2020.

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