Louis DeSipio

University of California, [Irvine] political science professor Louis DeSipio says U.S. President Joe Biden has been “strident all along” regarding Russia. U.S. President Joe Biden has warned Russia will have consequences for using Americans as bargaining chips on the anniversary of Wall Street reporter Evan Gershkovich's arrest. “On domestic politics and on his own accomplishments, he’s been a little bit more strident,” Prof DeSipio told Sky News Australia. “That just reflects the fact that the campaign in earnest has begun. He is on the road and needs to show people that he is up to the job.”

For the full story, please visit https://www.skynews.com.au/world-news/united-states/joe-biden-needs-to-show-americans-he-is-up-to-the-job/video/bd9ef21230cef36104456e1af3dacdf9.

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