Louis DeSipio

Americans are “fed up” with government inaction on the migrant crisis, and it is “hard to imagine” US President Joe Biden can solve the crisis without support from Congress, says University of California, [Irvine] professor of political science, Louis DeSipio. … “This is an issue that has been percolating in American politics for 15 years or longer. Congress hasn’t been able to come up with a resolution, and the American public is getting fed up – not just Republicans, which was the case maybe five [to] 10 years ago.” says DeSipio.

For the full story, please visit https://www.skynews.com.au/world-news/united-states/hard-to-imagine-joe-biden-can-solve-migrant-crisis-without-support-from-congress/video/ee060ec67330e9e985fceb394d00054a.

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