Louis DeSipio

KNX In Depth's Charles Feldman and Rob Archer discuss whether Senate Dianne Feinstein is much sicker than what we were led to believe. Guest: Louis DeSipio, political science [and Chicano/Latino studies] professor at UC Irvine. “Her vote is very critical on much the Senate has to consider over the next few months. Obviously judicial confirmations have been the one because she serves on the Judiciary Committee. But also hopefully there will be some resolution to the debt limit and lots of budget negotiations. In a nearly evenly divided Senate, her vote is critical and it’s not clear that she has the capabilities on every given day to be able to judge what’s best for the state of California.”

For the full story, please visit https://omny.fm/shows/knxam-on-demand/is-senator-dianne-feinstein-too-sick-to-serve

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