Michael Tesler

My primary beef with President Biden’s pledge to nominate a Black woman to the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) is that I wish a conservative president had done it first. … Several Republicans have criticized Biden’s decision, …. First, some argue that it’s a bad idea for a president (or a presidential candidate) to appear to be engaging in a quid-pro-quo — i.e., making a firm promise to do a political favor in return for political or financial support. … Second, concerns have been raised that Biden shouldn’t be limiting his choices. But as [UCI political science Professor] Michael Tesler in FiveThirtyEight points out, several previous Republican presidents have done exactly that.
For the full story, please visit https://thehill.com/opinion/judiciary/594287-the-conservative-case-for-nominating-a-black-woman-to-the-supreme-court


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