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Presented virtually from Nov. 4-7, the 62nd annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society featured work from UCI language science students, faculty and affiliates Ariel Chan, Nicole Vargas Fuentes, Judy Kroll, Marta Rivera, Greg Scontras, Yongjia Song, Julio Torres, and Jeremy Yeaton. The individual presentations were:

  • Mona Botezatu, Sarah Peterson, Judy Kroll, & Dalia Garcia: "Variation in bilingual experience mediates the impact of Spanish proficiency on English word recognition: Evidence from visual and spoken domains"
  • Ariel Chan, Shoichi Iwasaki, & Judy Kroll: "Bilingualism in different forms: How cultural identity and cognitive control shape code-switching preferences"
  • Marta Rivera, Daniela Paolieri, Ana Perez, & Teresa Bajo: "Intrinsic and extrinsic factors in second language grammatical learning"
  • Joshua Snell, Jeremy Yeaton, Jonathan Mirault, Jan Theeuwes, & Jonathan Grainger: "Parallel word reading revealed by fixation-related potentials"
  • Yongjia Song, Judy Kroll, & Gregory Scontras: "Lexical entrainment in bilinguals L1 and L2"
  • Nicole Vargas Fuentes, Judy Kroll, & Julio Torres: "The role of language variation in emotion memory"
  • Jeremy Yeaton, Laure Tosatto, Joel Fagot, Jonathan Grainger, & Arnaud Rey: "Simple questions on simple associations: Regularity extraction in nonhuman primates"

In addition, Judy Kroll was recognized with the Clifford T. Morgan Distinguished Leadership Award.

Find the full abstract book here: https://indd.adobe.com/view/1d6c8884-a05a-4c81-9a4d-b5248f90174b 

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