Language science students who presented research

UCI language science Ph.D. students Jiaxuan Li, Yanting Li, Charlie Torres, and Shiva Upadhye, and UCI language science faculty Richard Futrell, Connor Mayer, and Gregory Scontras were involved in six presentations at the 2023 Society for Computation in Linguistics, which was held at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst from June 15th to 17th. These were:

  1. Rethinking representations: A log-bilinear model of phonotactics” by Huteng Dai, Connor Mayer, and Richard Futrell.
  2. Bridging production and comprehension: Toward an integrated computational model of error correction” by Shiva Upadhye, Jiaxuan Li, and Richard Futrell.
  3. Evidence for efficiency in Chinese abbreviations” by Yanting Li, Gregory Scontras, and Richard Futrell.
  4. L0-regularization induces subregular biases in LSTMs” by Charlie Torres and Richard Futrell.
  5. Modeling island effects with probabilistic tier-based strictly local grammars over trees” by Charlie Torres, Kenneth Hanson, Thomas Graf, and Connor Mayer.
  6. “An information-theoretic account of accessibility effects in incremental language production” by Richard Futrell.

There were a total of 49 talks and posters, meaning that work by UCI students and faculty made up a full 12% of the conference.

-UCI Language Science
-pictured (l to r): Yanting Li, Charlie Torres, Richard Futrell, Jiaxuan Li, and Shiva Upadhye at the 2023 Society for Computation in Linguistics.

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