Name: Hannah June Kim
Graduate degree: Ph.D., political science, 2019
Undergraduate degree: UCLA


What research have you pursued as a graduate student at UCI?

My research focuses on public opinion, political behavior, theories of modernization, economic development, and democratic citizenship with an emphasis on East Asia. My dissertation, Modernization and Cultural Democratization in East Asia,” examines how and why people view democracy in systematically different ways in six countries: China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Have you published as a grad student?

A quick list:

  • “How Global Citizenries Think about Democracy: an Evaluation and Synthesis of Recent Public Opinion Research” with Doh Chull Shin (Japanese Journal of Political Science – June 2018)
  • “Liberal Democracy as the End of History: Western Theories versus Eastern Asian Realities” with Doh Chull Shin (Asian Journal of Comparative Politics – October 2016)
  • "The Gender Readings Gap in Political Science Graduate Training" with Heidi Hardt, Amy Erica Smith, and Philippe Meister (Journal of Politics - Forthcoming)
  • “The Political Science 400: With Citation Counts by Cohort, Gender and Subfield” with Bernard Grofman (PS: Political Science & Politics - January 2019)
  • "Job Mobility, Tenure, and Promotions in Political Science Ph.D. Granting Departments, 2002-2017: Cohort, Gender and Citation Count Effects " with Bernard Grofman (PS: Political Science & Politics - May 2019)
  • ”Gender, Race, Age and National Origin Predict Whether Faculty Assign Female-Authored Readings in Graduate Courses,” with Hardt, Heidi, Amy Erica Smith, and Philippe Meister (PS: Political Science and Politics – Forthcoming)
  • "US Foreign Aid and Economic Policy Concessions " with Taehee Whang, Jungtaek Han, and Youngwan Kim (Policy Studies - October 2018)
  • “International Signaling and Economic Sanctions” with Taehee Whang (International Interactions – May 2015)
  • “The Role and Power of UN Human Rights Council Advisory Committee” with Changrok Soh and Youni Kim (Korea Observer – February 2015)
  • “CSR in Korea: Lessons from American and British CSR Policies” with Changrok Soh and Taehee Whang (Journal of International and Area Studies – December 2014)

Why did you decide to come to UCI?

I came to UCI to work with the faculty in the political science department program. The political science faculty are extremely supportive and they truly care about the graduate students. I have benefited greatly from their kindness.

What are your plans post-Ph.D. hooding?

I will be joining the Shorenstein Asia Pacific Research Center at Stanford University as a postdoctoral fellow for one year. After the postdoc, I will be an assistant professor in the department of political science at the University of Nebraska, Omaha.

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