IMTFI Researcher Anke Schwittay has published an article on financial inclusion, technical rationality, and the role of IMTFI in providing alternative perspectives on pro-poor financial innovation in the journal, Critique of Anthropology titled, "The financial inclusion assemblage: Subjects, technics, rationalities."

The article argues that "financial inclusion [is] a global assemblage that constitutes materially poor people as fiscal subjects, financial consumers, and monetary innovators. To provide them with poor-appropriate microfinance services, including loans products, savings mechanisms, and insurance policies, a wide variety of institutions, from multilateral development organizations and foundations to corporations and academic research institutes, have begun to regard financial inclusion as a development problem and a market opportunity." She shows how the innovative model of research and collaboration pioneered by IMTFI is offering alternative frameworks and client perspectives for mobile money and for financial inclusion and innovation.

Anke Schwittay has also been quoted in "Microfinace: Growing Up?" in This is Africa, August 25, 2011.


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