Jan Brueckner

“We’re never going to be short of tourists here in California,” said Jan Brueckner, an economics [Distinguished] Professor at UC Irvine who specializes in transportation studies. Plus, the pandemic helped boost one particular kind of tourist: the “bleisure” traveler, referring to flexible remote workers who come to L.A. for business and add on extra days to their trips for leisure. “They may go someplace, they may work remotely on Friday, and then they might be with their family and then they do tourist stuff over the weekend, and then go home,” Brueckner said. “Evidently, those kinds of trips are bigger than they used to be.”

For the full story, please visit https://www.latimes.com/business/story/2023-05-04/la-fi-tourism-mostly-back-except-biggest-spenders.

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