Sojoyner and Al-Bulushi

“My guests this morning… are [UCI associate professor of anthropology] Damien Sojoyner and [UCI assistant professor of global & international studies] Yousuf Al-Bulushi. They started a yearlong project that they’re going to be talking to us about… it is called ‘Black Reconstruction as a Portal.’” “We were working on some ideas – this was around 2019… there were a series of crises – economic crises, war on the horizon – and so we were putting our heads together trying to figure out how to best describe what’s going on but then importantly how to function and move beyond that moment,” says Sojoyner. “What happens if we take up this text by DuBois from 1935 – Black Reconstruction in America – and try to deprovincialize it from an exclusively U.S. reading, an exclusively historical reading… and try to think about how it speaks to our present moment and how it speaks to struggles and crises around the world in the same way that the protests in 2020 lit a spark that resonated with people right across the world,” says Al-Bulushi. [Starts 9:14]

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