Russia and Ukraine flags

As the Russia-Ukraine crisis continues to unfold, UCI social scientists offered expert perspective in a Feb. 25 panel on key issues surrounding the escalating conflict. Panelists and their topics of discussion included:

  • Jeffrey Kopstein, political science professor, on politics and history of Russia and Ukraine, authoritarianism, NATO and the transatlantic alliance, and European Union policy
  • Erin Lockwood, political science assistant professor, on economic sanctions, financial sanctions/financial infrastructure and the prospect of cutting off Russian access to the SWIFT financial communications system
  • David Meyer, sociology professor, on the difficulties and importance of trying to promote human rights and democracy from abroad, and on the prospects of a powerful antiwar movement in Russia
  • Heidi Hardt, political science associate professor, on Russia’s demands, NATO's response and international law

The panel was hosted by Simone Chambers, political science professor and chair, and moderated by Bill Maurer, social sciences dean. Video and podcast recordings are below. 

Watch and listen:


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