The Long Institute is delighted to launch the Graduate Student Project Grant 2019-20 for University of California, Irvine graduate students in support of their research on China. Now in its third year, the grant will provide funding for research projects focused on the social, economic, political, and/or legal aspects of contemporary China. All UC Irvine graduate students whose research projects fall within this scope are welcome to apply.

The grant supports travel, data collection/analysis, fieldwork, and/or other costs directly related to ongoing research. Support will be given for projects taking place from June 2019 to May 2020.

Each project grant will draw from a $10,000 pool, with a $1,500 cap per project. We will consider proposals on the basis of factors that include, but are not limited to, project scope, originality, budget, and feasibility. 

We are currently accepting applications through April 16, 2019. We will grant support and the level thereof based on your project description, budget outline, advisor recommendation, and availability of funds.

To qualify for consideration, applicants must be currently enrolled in a graduate program at UCI. Your program may fall outside of what is currently represented by the core faculty of the Long Institute so long as your project demonstrates a sufficient level of inquiry into the social, political, economic, and/or legal development of contemporary China. You are not eligible to apply if you were awarded a grant more than twice in previous rounds.

Application Requirements

  • Your CV;
  • A one-page project description, sharing your research and why you are seeking support from the Long Institute;
  • A detailed budget alongside an outline of how much you seek (up to USD $1500) and how you intend to use the funds (e.g. for ground transportation, flight, and/or archival access);
  • A letter of recommendation from your advisor (sent directly to Christine Chiao at
  • All files must be in PDF form.

All materials, including letters of recommendation, are due on Tuesday, April 16, 2019. Submit your application (CV; one-page project description; and detailed budget) to Ms. Chiao at
You will receive a decision on your application by Monday, May 6, 2019.

How should the project description be formatted?
Project descriptions should not exceed one page; 1-inch left and right margins; single-spaced; 12-point font. Please make sure to describe how this project connects to and will help further your graduate study goals, as well as how the Institute’s grant will help you start and/or complete your project. Save the details about your expenses for the detailed budget.

How should the detailed budget be formatted?

We are looking for a spreadsheet, i.e. a table with four columns. Please send as a PDF.
First column will show the approximate date of your intended expenditure. For example, if you’re seeking travel support on a research trip abroad, indicate the month and year you would be taking that trip.
Second column will show the general expenditure, i.e. plane tickets, ground transportation, survey respondent incentive, etc.
Third column will show a relevant phrase to give more details on the expenditure, i.e. flight from SNA to NYC; ride from airport to hotel.
Fourth column will show the estimated cost. There should be a row at the bottom that tallies the sum of the costs. Set the total figure in bold, which should reflect the amount that you are seeking.

Are there any awardee obligations?

Yes, if you are awarded a grant, you will be expected to turn in a follow-up paper to update the Institute on the status of your project. You are also required to attend a group luncheon in May 2020.

What types of projects have you funded in the past?

Some of our previously funded graduate student projects include a comparative study on the crime reporting habits of American and Chinese young adults; modern trans-Pacific trade between the U.S. and China; the cumulative committed greenhouse gas cases in China; and the history of blood banking in modern and contemporary China.

May groups apply for funding?

Yes. Apply with one contact person for the group. The application requirements are the same.


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