Have you ever found yourself bored on a Wednesday afternoon and wondered what events might be happening in the School of Social Sciences that could fill your time?

We thought so – and that’s why we created a Google calendar populated with all of our school-wide events. Simply click on our Google calendar link here or anywhere on our school event listings and you’ll be taken to our web-version of our Google calendar. In the bottom right corner, click on +Google Calendar and you’ll be prompted to add us, enabling you to view all school events straight from your smartphone calendar.

Pretty cool, huh?

The calendar feeds straight from our school events RSS, meaning you’ll never have to worry about our www.socsci.uci.edu event listings being out of sync with our Google calendar; they are one and the same.

If at some point you find our calendar to be a bit overwhelming or the reminders too much (note that we are a very busy school with numerous events happening daily), you can simply choose to hide the calendar and you will no longer receive our updates.

Try it out – you might find time to squeeze in a quick talk on something that really makes a difference.

Two easy steps:

  1. Visit the School Google Calendar.  
  2. Click on “+Google Calendar” in bottom right corner to add to your existing calendar.

    Contact us with any questions - and we'll look forward to seeing you at more of our school events!


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