From The Guardian:
Almost exactly three years ago, the Wall Street Journal published an excerpt from a book that remains its most commented article of all time. Under the fiery title, "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior", Yale law professor Amy Chua set out a manifesto for motherhood in proudly recounting her iron-fisted reign over her two young daughters, which included the prohibition of sleepovers and the insistence that they attain no grade lower than an A... Jennifer Lee, professor of sociology at the University of California, had this to say by email. "While social scientists never took Chua seriously, her arguments resonate with some people who believe in the cultural values argument, and especially for those who may not understand that correlation is not causation." She added: "Perhaps the biggest misfortune is that Chua's incendiary arguments receive more media attention than the research by social scientists who are genuinely interested in understanding how culture operates as a resource to produce positive outcomes for some groups."

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