Four LPS graduate students had papers accepted for publication by top philosophy and science journals this quarter.  Seventh year student Ben Rin's (pictured) paper, "The Computational Strengths of alpha-tape Inifinite Time Turing Machines," which generalizes the mathematical theory of computation to computers with infinite amounts of memory, has been accepted by the Annals of Pure and Applied Logic.  Sam Fletcher, a sixth year student, had his paper "Light Clocks and the Clock Hypothesis," which captures a precise sense in which the "clock hypothesis," a central interpretive principle of Einstein's relativity theory, may be understood as a theorem, published in the November 2013 issue of the journal Foundations of Physics.  The December 2013 issue of philosophy journal Episteme included fourth year Justin Bruner's paper, "Policing Epistemic Communities," which uses methods from evolutionary game theory to explore how encouraging scientists to check one another's work affects the reliability of research results.  And third year student Ben Feintzeig's paper "Hidden Variables and Commutativity in Quantum Mechanics", on the mathematical representation of probability in quantum theory, was accepted by the British Journal of Philosophy of Science.  Congratulations Ben, Sam, Justin, and Ben!


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