From KPCC:
Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney secured the Republican presidential nomination this week, but polls indicate that he has a long way to go in order to secure the support he needs from Latino voters that could help him win the White House...  Does Romney stand a chance? It's highly unlikely he'll hit the 38 percent goal, says Louis DeSipio, a political scientist and professor of Chicano/Latino Studies at UC Irvine. But there are still a few targeted approaches that Romney's campaign can take in states where Latinos might help tip the balance. Here he explains how... DeSipio: They aren't going to get there. Those national averages, the Bush campaign used them as well, but they are a little misleading. It doesn't matter how many Latino votes they get in Texas, or California for that matter, because those states are in solidly in one camp or the other. If hypothetically their goal was to get a lot of Latino voters, they would get that in Texas.

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