From the Silicon Valley Mercury News:
For the third time since Californians embraced some of the strictest term limits in the nation 22 years ago, opponents are imploring voters to loosen them. This time, a carefully crafted initiative on the June ballot -- one of only two statewide measures -- has fans of the term-limits law worried. At first glance, the measure appears strict: It would reduce the overall amount of time a lawmaker can serve in Sacramento from 14 years to 12. And its greatest political selling point is it wouldn't benefit any current politicians, unlike two previous initiatives that voters rejected.... "Has term limits been a panacea? No," said Mark Petracca, a political-science professor at UC Irvine. But, he added, given the Legislature's record before term limits were enacted, "What evidence is there that the quality and responsiveness will improve if legislators can serve longer?"

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