From the New Haven Register:
The state Supreme Court has appointed Nathaniel Persily, a political science professor at New York’s Columbia University, to be special master for redistricting, though Republicans and Democrats continued Friday to disagree on how Persily will do his job. The issue of redistricting landed on the Supreme Court’s desk after a legislative committee tasked with redrawing district maps missed a Dec. 21 deadline. The court then decided to appoint a special master, or legal scholar, to manage the process, though the court requested that legislators offer their own suggestions on who that special master should be and on the scope of duties. Attorneys representing both caucuses spoke before the Supreme Court Friday, agreeing that Bernard Grofman, a political science professor at the University of California, Irvine, and Persily, should be considered for the position of special master, but disagreeing primarily on how a special master would or would not use the present map, drawn in 2001.

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