From the Christian Science Monitor:
The breakup of the camps has advantages and disadvantages for the Occupiers, says David S. Meyer, a sociology professor at the University of California, Irvine, who studies protest movements. 'The advantage of a geographical presence is visibility, and giving people stuff to do.... A disadvantage is that your community is defined by the people who show up, and that doesn't necessarily make for smart decisions." Another drawback is that the encampments force the protesters to spend a lot of time on housekeeping matters, at the expense of fighting for their ideals. "These general assembly meetings at the camps mostly deal with logistics," Dr. Meyer says. "Taking the occupation out of it means they have the time to focus on core issues, like income equality. There's more active civil disobedience, and some protesters are even starting to work in political campaigns. It should make for a more creative and diverse movement."

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