From OC Weekly:
A 25-year-old law has presented a snag in getting a statue of Ronald Reagan erected in a Newport Beach park. But who needs a statue when you can have an entire park named in your honor? And not just any park, but the Orange County Great Park, which has been billed as the first great municipal park of the 21st century, up there with Central Park in New York and Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. In honor of today's cover story, the Weekly asked a couple scholars who have examined Reagan's presidency what they think of naming Irvine's massive public works project after "Dutch." Matthew Beckman, an associate professor of political science at UC Irvine's School of Social Science -- where he studies Washington politics, particularly those involving the White House -- was succinct. "In terms of relevance and originality," he wrote in an e-mail, "how could we not?"

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