From the International Relations and Security Network:
"[The Code of Conduct] could be meaningful, but if only the language is written into all contracts issued by member state governments. In the case of the United States it would mean inserting the COC language into the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and DFAR (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations)," industry analyst and author of Shadow Force: Private Security Contractors in Iraq, David Isenberg told ISN Insights. "This is a really important step, and one that I have supported from its inception (and before). It was made possible, in part, by a convergence among a wide array of actors on the idea of regulation and the need for more of it. It used to be that people opposed PMSCs for what they were; now they are more interested in what they do. The Code of Conduct is the first step in stipulating appropriate behavior," explained professor of political science and director of International Studies at UC Irvine, Deborah Avant.

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