Patrícia Martins Marcos is UC Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow in UCLA’s Department of History and the Bunche Center for African American Studies. She is scholar of science, race, gender, sexuality, and settler colonialism studying both early modern and modern Portuguese imperialism in Africa and the Americas. Her work has been supported by the Huntington Library, the John Carter Brown, the Black Studies Project, The American Philosophical Society, and the Center for Black, Brown, and Queer Studies. Her book project, Imperial Whiteness: Population, Patriarchy, and Race in the South Atlantic (1600-1800) historicizes race (raça) in early modern Portuguese Atlantic imperialism, revealing how techniques of population whitening credited to modern, Latin American nation-building and eugenics were, instead, central to Portuguese settler colonialism and its methods of population management. She has published “Blackness out of Place” with the Radical History Review, and “Refusing the Fictions of Unmarked Whiteness” with Eighteenth Century Fiction.

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