This one-and-a-half day workshop will return to the themes of last year’s Math-First Structural Realism Workshop. Our focus this year will be on what is distinctively mathematical about math-first structural realism. Topics will include how to characterize mathematical structure, what mathematical equivalence results tell us about structure in the world, and how symmetry can be used to probe structure.

Speakers will include David Wallace (University of Pittsburgh), Thomas Barrett (UC Santa Barbara), Neil Dewar (Cambridge University), David Baker (University of Michigan), Clara Bradley (UC Irvine), JB Manchak (UC Irvine), Toby Meadows (UC Irvine), and James Weatherall (UC Irvine). Kerry McKenzie (University of California, San Diego) and Emily Adlam (Chapman) will participate as invited discussants.

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Co-organized by Clara Bradley and James Weatherall and hosted by Southern California Philosophy of Physics Group and UCI Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science

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