Currently, 33 of Santa Ana’s 64 neighborhoods are designated disadvantaged communities (DACs) by CalEnviroScreen, the leading tool for assessing environmental injustice in California communities (see the maps). The goal of this meeting is to identify specific initiatives that can be taken to reduce disadvantage in Santa Ana, focusing especially on pollution from metal plating and recycling facilities. The meeting will be run as a panel discussion, led by community questions. Panelists will include representatives from California’s Department of Toxic Substances Control, the South Coast Air Quality Management District, CUPA (focused on hazardous waste and materials management), and the City of Santa Ana. 

This meeting is part of GREEN-MPNA’s Greening Santa Ana campaign, highlighting  its ultimate goal: improvement of Santa Ana’s communities so that they are no longer disadvantaged. “DAC-X-SantaAna” is the banner. The campaign will include a series of stakeholder meetings. Here are the reports on the January 2023 Environmental Justice Stakeholder Meeting, and May 2023 Environmental Justice Stakeholder Meeting.  

The meeting is organized by GREEN-MPNA, working closely with University of California’s EcoGovLab, and AirUCI.  

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