Racism drives health inequities, yet interventions such as the Civil Rights Act did not yield long-lasting improvements for health equity. Professor Gee will argue that a key reason for this limited progress is due to focus on interpersonal and institutional racism, but not structural racism. This talk: (1) distinguishes among these levels; (2) provides the analogy of a "bucky ball" to illustrate the differences; (3) discusses the concept of “racialized rules” as a mechanism that reinforces the status quo of race relations and health inequities; (4) and offers ideas for research and intervention.

Professor Gee was named a Pioneer in Minority Health & Health Disparities by the National Institute of Minority Health & Health Disparities and has been honored with a group Merit Award from NIH for the development of a multicultural measures of discrimination for health surveys. He received two Scientific and Technical Achievement Awards from the Environmental Protection Agency for development of the Stress-Exposure-Disease Framework and the C. Doris and Toshio Hoshide Distinguished Teaching Prize in Asian American Studies at UCLA.

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