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Hybrid Event
In-person: SSPB 1222 | Register: https://forms.gle/ykvJNDRUT5skYaEn9
Online: Zoom Webinar | Register: https://bit.ly/IMTFI_RegTech

Introduced and moderated by Bill Maurer, Anthropology, UCI and IMTFI Director

About the talk:

European nation-states are eager to consolidate blockchain technology into their financial infrastructure by regulating it. One of the first comprehensive blockchain regulation worldwide is the German electronic securities act, which allows actors to transfer securities represented as tokens on joint ledger systems and accepts novel crypto custodians. Although the regulatory process was inspired by the bitcoin white paper published in 2008, the technological vision of the German regulation does not resemble the core ideas of the original blockchain. In this talk, I look at the interplay between regulation, regulatory agencies’ rationales towards financial infrastructure and the technology that is eventually created.

About the speaker:

Lilith Dieterich is a research associate and Ph.D.-candidate at Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She earned her master’s at the Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena with a focus on economic sociology. The last three years, she has been working on a research project called "Technology instead of institutions? The blockchain-technology as a threat to the banking system" funded by the German Research Fund.

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