Introduction by Bill Maurer, Director, IMTFI | Professor, Anthropology and Law | Dean, School of Social Sciences, UC Irvine

About the talk:
This talk provides an overview of Corina Sas's work on financial technologies, with an emphasis on how people perceive, use, and understand them. It outlines research described at flagship ACM Human-Computer Interaction conferences such as CHI and DIS focusing on how people develop or fail to develop trust in blockchain technology. The talk focuses on rich empirical work within Sas's research group targeting research group targeting three types of stakeholders: users of bitcoins, miners, and experts. It also outlines the design and evaluation of BlocKit, a physical kit for communicating about the blockchain infrastructure, and in particular how trust can be better materialized and designed for. The talk articulates the value of this body of work towards novel design implications for trustworthy blockchain technology. Most of the research described in the talk has been supported by the Digital Threads, an UKRI-funded project.

About the speaker:
Corina Sas is a professor in human-computer interaction with the School of Computing and Communications at Lancaster University, UK. She's published close to 200 papers, and her work has received extensive media coverage as well as 4 Honourable Mention Awards. She has been investigator on grants totalling over £15.1 million and is part of the Editorial Boards of the ACM Transactions in Human-Computer Interaction, and Taylor & Francis Human Computer Interaction journals. This academic year she is on sabbatical visiting UC Santa Cruz, UC Irvine, and Stanford University.

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