About the talk:
This presentation examines a countercartographic form of storying and reevaluates the uses and possibilities of geonarratives as a method and approach used in a subaltern setting that allows participants to tell stories in their own terms and in a manner they deem best captures their place-based often-untold narratives.  By enabling and encouraging the use of available materials at their immediate disposal, the participants produced drawings, collages, technology-aided illustrations, and other forms of visualization to tell various spatial stories.  The outcome is then used as a visual basis and prompt to discuss, tell and perform their stories-so-far in a manner that allows stories to flow, meander and circle back consistent with the chosen style and modality of the participant.  Using five mapping workshops in the Philippines as illustrations, Palis will discuss how geonarrative mapping was used, approached and practiced with the aim of making invisible stories visible, and enabling the storytelling of untold stories.

About the speaker:
Joseph Palis is an associate professor in geography at the University of the Philippines-Diliman.  He currently heads the Mapping Geonarratives project at UP-Diliman. He teaches countercartography, island and archipelagic geographies, and media geographies.  He is a co-editor of the Geographies of Media Pivot Series at Palgrave Macmillan.

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