The January 6, 2021 failed siege of the Capitol brings to the fore conversations about white supremacy and reactionary politics in the United States. Black feminists (activists and scholars) have consistently and vocally delineated an anti-fascist praxis that is conscious of itself as anti-fascist; yet their contributions to a larger critique of democratic capitalism as a home-grown fascist formation has largely been ignored. To counter this conspiracy of silence and for coping with these trying times, this lecture takes up various anti-fascist lessons from Black feminist anti-fascist praxes.

About the speaker:

H.L.T. Quan (She/Her), Ph.D. a political theorist, an award-winning filmmaker, and an Associate Professor in the School of Social Transformation at Arizona State University. Her research centers on movements for justice, and race, gender & radical thought. Her monograph (Lexington Books, 2021), Growth Against Democracy is a radical critique of modern development thought and policies.  Her current book project, Against Tyranny: Ungovernability and Tools for Democratic Living explores willful resistance to various forms of governing. Through QUAD Productions,  C. A. Griffith and Quan produced/directed short and feature documentaries such as Mountains That Take Wing/Angela Davis & Yuri Kochiyama: A Conversation on Life, Struggles & Liberation, América’s Home, a film about gentrification and displacement in Puerto Rico, and most recently, Bad Form: Queer, Broke & Amazing – a film about LGBTQ+ people and the struggles for economic justice in the United States. Quan is the editor of the recent collection of essays by Cedric J. Robinson: On Racial Capitalism, Black Internationalism, and Cultures of Resistance (Pluto Press, 2019).

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