Carbon Neutrality

China's announcement of targeting carbon neutrality before 2060 was a surprise to almost everyone in and outside of the country, but China also commissioned three out of every four new coal power plants in the world in 2020, and was the only major emitter to increase its emissions. China is the world's largest investor in coal, but also renewable and nuclear energy. Peaking emissions before 2030 and reaching carbon neutrality by 2060 will require resolving these and many other contradictions. Lauri Myllyvirta will present his latest analysis and research from the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA).

About the speaker: Lauri Myllyvirta is a lead analyst for the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA). He has over ten years of experience as an air pollution and climate expert, and has led numerous research projects on air pollution, air quality, and the health impacts of energy policies. He served as a member of the Technical Working Group on regulating emissions from large combustion plants in the EU and currently serves as a member of the expert panel on regulating SO2 emissions in South Africa.

About the moderator: Steven Davis is a professor in the department of Earth System Science at UC Irvine. His research focuses on finding ways to meet the challenge of satisfying global demand for energy, food, and goods without emitting CO2 into the atmosphere.


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