The global nature of the coronavirus pandemic has the potential to affect every community on the planet. Just as COVID-19 is transforming societies around the world, our fieldsites and how we do ethnography will likely change in fundamental ways. If you are preparing to do fieldwork, your research design and goals may have to adapt to changing circumstances and uncertain timelines. If you are in the field (and possibly had to leave your fieldsite), your project changed around you in real time. If you are writing your dissertation, you may be concerned about how the cultural contexts of your fieldwork will be affected by the pandemic. In this workshop, Kim and Boellstorff will discuss how COVID-19 has affected your research plans and goals, and collaboratively brainstorm strategies for tracking changes in your fieldsites and identifying other spaces, scales, and relations for ethnographic investigation. 

To register, please email Olga Dunaevsky, A Zoom link will be emailed to confirmed registrants prior to the start of the event.

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