Racial inequality, and racial, gender and sexual violence--in forms both slow and spectacular--have not only persisted through the coronavirus pandemic, but also become even more apparent. As COVID-19 has spread across the United States, so have attacks on Asian Americans and racist disruptions of online platforms, with women of color and individuals who are Muslim and/or LGBTQ experiencing some of the ugliest attacks. Moreover, rates of illness and premature death have increased among those American sub-populations—particularly Blacks, Latinos, and Native Americans—who have long been socioeconomically vulnerable. In the midst of health fears and daily disruptions, it is difficult to engage in the long-term fight against racial violence. This Webinar will discuss the need for universities and community partners to remain engaged in projects that map and respond to racial and ethnic inequality in the United States and to examine how these institutions might be responsive to racial and gender violence in ways that promote collaboration and understanding across axes of difference.  

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