In this talk Sandbukt will present some of the initial findings from my PhD research on various apps that can be considered within the context of P2P payments in Indonesia. While Sandbukt will touch on various examples, focus will be on the experiences of drivers working for the Indonesian start-up, Gojek. Initially a scooter-taxi app modelled on Uber, which now encompasses services ranging from Go-Massage to Go-Medicine, all connected by the integrated Go-Pay digital wallet.

Drawing on empirical material collected through ethnographic fieldwork in Indonesia, Sandbukt will describe mechanisms that Gojek deploys within the app to manage their fleet of drivers. These include incentive tiers as well as deterrents for drivers servicing multiple apps.

Sandbukt will then examine a variety of mechanisms deployed by drivers to navigate these affordances and restraints. Central to this is the practice of ‘account therapy’, by which drivers try to optimize the algorithms governing the distribution of customer orders. Having observed that some accounts receive more orders than others, drivers will ‘nurse’ a ‘sick’ account back into health with a variety of methods, effectively training their accounts to receive orders.



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