This workshop will present some fundamental concepts of contemporary GIS. It particular, it discusses the broad concepts of web-based GIS and introduces large existing libraries of data and web maps and mentions the tools needed to create maps and add your own data. Next, participants having preferably laptops (tablets work also) will easily log onto UCI’s Esri web portal, using only your UCI NET ID credentials. A half-hour demo on ArcGIS Online, led by the workshop presenter, will allow participants who have a laptop or table to follow along. The final portion will discuss next steps at UCI if you would like to expand knowledge and use of GIS.

Workshop Agenda
Light lunch for early arrivals


Introduction to workshop: Goals

Fundamental concepts of GIS including GIS structure, layers, scale, spatial functions, web mapping, web libraries, and Esri Community Analyst

Accessing ArcGIS Online (AGOL) at UC Irvine. Note the instructions to do this are below and it’s recommended to do this in advance of the workshop

Short demo of AGOL with attendees stepping through on laptops as the demo proceeds

Next steps. Building capability with AGOL. Pinde Fu’s book WebGIS (Esri Press) is recommended. Esri free web training. ArcPro – More advanced software. UCI has free, downloadable ArcPro license to install on your laptop.


Instructions to log onto ArcGIS Online at UCI

How do I access UCI's ArcGIS Online Portal?
The URL is Under the Enterprise Login menu, select Login with your UCInetID and an account will be created for you automatically.

Once logged in to the Portal, click on “Map” in the top ribbon to access ArcGIS Online.

If you have any problem logging in to the Portal, please e-mail Mike Caban in OIT ( Mike can make sure you are able to get logged in.


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