The core course of the Diversity Education Certificate addresses the following:

  • 2019 School of Social Sciences Faculty and Graduate Student Climate Survey Results
  • 8 steps towards breaking the bias habit in hiring, admissions, merit and promotion processes
  • Techniques for creating inclusive departmental and classroom practices
  • Interpersonal dynamics and the handling of controversial issues
  • Mentoring success for underrepresented faculty members and students

Learning Objectives: Changing Our Practices, Not Just Our Viewpoints

  • Understand the experiential differences of the members within our Social Sciences community;
  • Recognize and disrupt personal bias and the bias of colleagues and students
  • Learn best practices for inclusive learning outcomes
  • Understand and learn techniques to address tensions and controversial issues that may arise within our departments and classrooms
  • Develop approaches and tools to mentor across differences

The course will be offered several times throughout the academic year, and is open to all interested faculty members. Members of the School of Social Sciences faculty search and graduate admissions committees must attend the core course; attendance is required at only one of the core course seminars.


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