Jay Rothman, Ph.D. is a scholar-practitioner of creative conflict engagement. He is the conductor of the ARIA Group, Inc. (ariagroup.com) which supports individuals, groups, organizations and nations engage identity-based conflict creatively. He spent the last seven years teaching and guiding action research projects in Arab-Jewish relations within Israel and between Israelis and Palestinians in the City of Jerusalem. He is currently a Murray Galinson San Diego-Israel Initiative Fellow at UCSD. Rothman is the author of dozens of journal articles about conflict resolution and participatory evaluation, and five books, including, most recently, Rothman, J. (2018). Re-Envisioning Conflict Resolution: Vision, Action and Evaluation in Creative Conflict Engagement. London: Routledge.

Rothman will share reflections about his work “over there” and explore, interactively with those who attend, how it might be relevant to current “identity-based conflicts” (racial, class, political, ideological) “over here.” He will discuss cultivating deep conflict as a rich source of creativity and cooperation.

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