The 2007 - 2008 economic crisis, and the austerity policies that followed, uncovered generalized uncertainty regarding access and upholding of livelihood means for large sectors of the Southern European peoples, although precarious life and work conditions in European de-industrialized cities can be traced back to the 80's. In this presentation, researchers will discuss how life projects are constructed and negotiated in times of uncertainty. Ethnographic material collected in a post- industrial city of the Basque Country during 2017 018, shows that the capacity to project towards the future has decreased. There is a rupture of expectations and aspirations in everyday life, showing fractures in the moral economy that had supported their subsistence. They argue that moral responsibilities, life expectations and notions of wellbeing are being re-elaborated in this context.

The talk is part of the Permanent Seminar on Economics and Finance from an Anthropological Perspective that was born in May 2017 with sessions available here:

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