Full conference agenda below:


9:00am Coffee and donuts

Session I: Chair: Shauna Gillooly

9:30am Katherine Sacco, Anthropology
“Medellín: A Model for Urban Planning”

10:00am Rodolfo Lopez, Sociology
“We Mobilize as We Grow: The Influence of Protestantism on Protest Participation Latin America”

10:30am Shauna Gillooly, Political Science
“The End of a Conflict? An Analysis of Violence and Voting Behavior on Issues of Peace in Colombia”

11:00am Coffee Break

Session II: Chair: Shauna Gillooly

11:15am Jessica Cabrera, Sociology
“Responsible Employees Question the Title IX System: When Civil Rights Programs Adopt Legal Logics and Blend with Power Interests”

11:45am Martin Jacinto, Sociology
“Are There Core-Periphery Positions in World Trade Networks? A Robust Cluster Analysis of Multi-Relational International Trade Networks, 1965-2000”

12:15-1:00 Lunch

Session III: Chair: John McCollum

1:00pm Marcos Scauso, Political Science
“Colonialism and Liberation: The Role of Nation and Race in Decolonial Voices”

1:30pm Mary Anne Mendoza, Political Science
“Separatist Rebellion & Colonial Practices in Southeast Asia”

2:00pm Misbah Hyder, Political Science
“Falling through the Majority-Minority Crack: the Ahmadiyya Question in Pakistan”

2:30pm Coffee Break

Session IV: Chair: John McCollum

2:45pm Elham Kazemi, Political Science
“A "Crisis of Confidence": A Top-Down Approach to Transitional Justice in Tunisia”

3:15pm Pernilla Johansson, Political Science
“To Hear You Must Appear: Examining the Emotional Invisibility Cloak of Internationals in Peacebuilding”

3:45pm John McCollum, Sociology
"Resistance and Accommodation: NGO and Union Strategy within the Palm Oil Commodity Chain".

4:15pm Closing remarks, followed by wine and cheese reception.


Conference Organizers: Shauna Gillooly, John McCollum, and Stergios Skaperdas 

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