It has been 20 years since the historic Good Friday Peace Agreement in Northern Ireland. Much has changed for the better since then, but with the looming Brexit decision, concern about the viability of the peace accords has returned. In commemoration of the 1998 peace agreement and its implications for conflict resolution, the Olive Tree Initiative, the UCI Center for Citizen Peacebuilding, and the Chapman University Peace Studies Program have organized a two day conference discussing what we have learned from the Northern Ireland peace negotiations and its relevance and application to the unfolding Brexit situation as well as to possible post-peace processes for other conflicts around the world. Toward that end, a panel of experts and practitioners have been assembled who were involved in implementing and maintaining the 1998 peace accords and/or have studied the accords and their implications.  The agenda for the two-day symposium, with reference to the panelists, can be found here

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