shanghaiBusiness in China can seem intimidating. This is not uncommon in new industries or markets, much less in a big country like China. Relax.

There is nothing mysterious or complicated about Chinese companies or markets. Ignore the hype and stay focused on the basics. And in China today, the basics come down to six overarching trends shaping most of the industries there, which then drive much of the country's impact on the world.

The deals, the newspaper headlines, and the rise and fall of wealth of various companies. These are mostly manifestations of the trends. Once you grasp them, the chaotic flurry of activity that you see on the surface becomes a lot more understandable — and perhaps even predictable.  

In an hour, Jonathan Woetzel, McKinsey Global Institute's Director, will introduce you to the trends. He will also provide a navigational guide that explains most of how contemporary business is conducted in China. 

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About the Speaker

speaker-jonathan-woetzel Jonathan Woetzel lives and work with one foot in China and one foot in the West. His main career is in management consulting but he also writes and teaches at business schools. A senior partner at McKinsey & Company in Shanghai, Jonathan opened their Shanghai office in 1994. He is the global leader of its Cities Special Initiative and the Asia-based Director of the McKinsey Global Institute.

He spends his days digging into companies and industries as a bottom-up analyst and his view of the world is based on studying and working with thousands of individual companies. Jonathan would be happy to present in Mandarin, but has promised to keep it bilingual.

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