Daily on the news we see images of tragic events – mass shootings, whole communities left stranded after a natural disaster, immigrant families being torn apart, news of yet another whole species on the verge of extinction, stories of women who have been brutalized both in the home and in the work place, etc. Our heart strings are tugged at. But then the 24 hour news cycle moves on to the next disaster or outrage. Is this just the way of the world, or are these events linked? Are they preventable?

Periodically there are critical turning points in history.  At these pivot points, the future direction of a country is set for decades to come.  We are at such a critical juncture in the United States today, with great implications for the lives of most ordinary people.  How should we understand the current moment in which we find ourselves? What is most important for us to do right now? What strategies are most likely to bring results? How can each of us share our unique gifts - but limited energy - and create the future we want?

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