This colloquium will explore intersections and possible collaborations between UCI Anthropology and International Studies (IS). Professor Eve Darian Smith, newly appointed Director of IS, and Philip McCarty, Associate Professor of Teaching in IS, will present their vision for IS in the coming years (including plans for its 700+ undergraduate majors and a new graduate program). They are the coauthors of The Global Turn: Theories, Research Designs and Methods for Global Studies (2017, UC Press). Anthropology Professors Keith Murphy (Director of Undergraduate Studies) and Kris Peterson will respond, sharing their visions for anthropology’s undergraduate curriculum.

Future colloquia in this series will discuss UCI Anthro plans for new work in visual and design anthropology, Asian Studies, Ethnic Studies, Science and Technology Studies, and other areas where faculty and students have shared interests.  The Futuring UCI Anthro initiative will also include work to build both undergraduate and graduate alumni networks, and a departmental archive that showcases faculty and student research and anthropological practice.

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