Part of the  Africana Institute for Creation, Recognition, and Elevation (AICRE) Worskhop. This event will feature:

·         Power of Performance: Interpreting Haló Performance among the Southern Ewe as Significant Cultural Heritage with Implications and Extensions for African Diaspora Studies, - Daniel Avorgbedor, PhD, University of Ghana, Legon

·         Bẹ́ẹ̀lari: Ifá Binary System and the Algorithms for Modern Existence – Dr. Sola Adeyemi Goldsmiths University of London, UK

·         Misogynist Algorithms and Quantified Bodies in Role-Playing Games - Dr. Aaron Trammell, PhD, UC Irvine

·         AICRE Roundtable discussion: Linkages and Connections, Professor Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Sheron Wray, PhD, Daniel Avorgbedor, PhD University of Ghana and Sola Adeyemi and Dele Olajide, MD. PhD.


If you wish to attend, please register here.

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