This study analyzes the effects of an intensive and cost-effective tutoring program conducted within a local elementary school in southern California. Approximately 20 UCI undergraduate students were trained in the Reading One-to-One (R1-1) curriculum (Farkas, 1998). We examined fall and spring test scores for 12 low-performing first graders who received the full treatment of approximately 50 tutoring sessions during fall and winter 2016-2017 and also had pre- and post-test scores. The control group was selected from five other district schools with similar average fall scores. They were selected so that their distribution of fall scores matched that of the tutored students. Statistical analysis revealed that tutored students gained an average of 10.4 percentile points greater than the control group (p< .083). Also, a significantly greater portion of tutored students (50%) scored above the 38th percentile compared to the control group (20%) (p< .035).

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