global warningUnder the Trump administration, it is increasingly clear that the U.S. will renege on its commitment to address global climate change and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Will China, as the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gas, stay committed to the Paris agreement? Will China play a leading role in combatting global climate change? What capabilities does the country have and why would it be motivated to take on more responsibility?

This roundtable will discuss what China can do in the growing absence of American leadership, featuring three leading specialists from different, relevant focuses on China and the environment.

Co-sponsored by the Center for Land, Environment, and Natural Resources (CLEANR).

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 About the Guests

STEVEN DAVIS is an earth system scientist at UC Irvine, will discuss China’s greenhouse gas emission, from its sources to its patterns. He will provide context on China’s capability to control and/or reduce its emissions.

DEBORAH SELIGSOHN is a specialist in international collaboration on energy and environmental issues, will discuss China’s role in the international coalition fighting climate change.

ALEX WANG is an environmental law expert from UCLA, will discuss China’s domestic policies and laws pertaining to climate change and greenhouse gas regulation.

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